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The new AstonMartinF1 Team AMR21 in details.

Radical changes respect to the 2020 Racing Point, it shows very interesting changes in the engine cover, and in all the structure on the driver sides.

Going in order:

Rear axle especially in the very extreme “cocacola” area, a sign of seeking a higher percentage of clean floor to recover the lost downforce with the introduction of the new 2021 regulations.

The course of the engine cover towards the rear suspension upper triangle is very interesting, trying to bring the flows under the arm of the upper suspension, “blowing” directly on the diffuser.

Engine Cover: it’s interesting to note the different shape and position of the “Bulb” style as seen in the Mercedes W12. It is settedet back and with a more pronounced and elongated shape, a sign of a different positioning installation of the Mercedes PU; we are talking about different heights but such as to determine a different conformation of the engine cover, and therefore a different distribution and positioning of the “dimensions” below the engine cover.

The housing of the Mercedes Power Unit seems to have given the English team the opportunity to work on improving internal flows; a meticulous work that to modify the entrance of the bellies, cleaning the area below them, allowing a better air passage. This change has caused the repositioning of the anti-intrusion cones and raised them compared to last year.

A very interesting solution is the support of the mirrors, a single wire between the attachment on the body on the structure on the driver sides, and the inlet of the flow deflectors.

Note all the aerodynamic appendices, such as Bargeboard and flow deflectors, rear and front wings are inherited from the 2020 RP20.

The front end is that of the RP20 at the end of the last World Championship, all the front suspensions architecture is clearly inspired by the Mercedes W11, but this was already known.

Some interesting details:

Floor: it presents a not linear cut towards the diffuser, but a clearly visible step in this image: a final edge of the floor without corners, with a very linear profile.

Steering Wheel: from the seat tests videos shown during the winter, we saw a different solution than that shown in yesterday’s presentation: in fact from this other image, it is possible to appreciate a development on the Scuderia Ferrari style, a clear contribution coming  from Sebastian Vettel.

©Fulvio Vigilante col contributo di Davide Cacciotto.